Friday, August 11, 2017

Cataloging Catalogs: Montgomery Ward Spring Summer 1943 (Blouses, Skirts, Suits!)

So...I may have bought another Montgomery Ward catalog, which brings my total up to 4 now! Oops! They are just amazing resources!! I wish I could buy each and every one and digitize them all for us vintage inclined modern folks to browse, but so far I have only managed to scan in most of my Spring Summer 1943 catalog. The "new" one I picked up last week is the Spring Summer 1958 catalog, and it is fun flipping though to see how the fashions have changed from my 1940's catalogs.

Today I have more pages from the 1943 catalog for you all, covering some blouses, sweaters, skirts, and suits, with a few coats too! The pages that I have to scan next after there are mostly coats, but after that are shoes and hats so that will be extra fun. As usual these are quite large images, so click on them to see more detail. Feel free to save, pin, and share these as you please!


  1. Hmm... Not feeling these looks for some reason - possibly because they're more practical, less pretty, than the designs in some of the other scans. That said, when winter rolls rounds I'll probably change my mind about the tweed suits. And it has just hit me that this catalogue was out during the war, when clothing was rationed over here, and I bet lots of ladies in the UK would've dreamed of having *anything* from it.

  2. Love the bottom right cardigan in the first image and the plaid suit and top coat. I would have that light blue coat too. Nice to see some colour pictures.


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